Wk1-Classmate Interview-Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor

I had the privilege of meeting with the wonderful Jack Taylor today. Jack is a Junior at CSULB studying dance science.  We have similar passions as we both love dance and are fascinated by the human body. Jack aspires to move to New York after graduating college and join a dance company. From what I have heard and seen, I am sure that he will get into a company as he has rare talent and is very dedicated. After years of dancing in a professional company Jack hopes to become a physical therapist and study kinesiology.

An interesting idea we discussed was whether the physical activity of doing art or the final visual result of an art piece is the most important factor. We have both done modern dances and painted paintings where the emphasis is solely on the process of making the art. Other pieces we have done are less abstract and are more about the actual final visual product. We both agreed that both the process and the final product serve meaning. Some of the most powerful dance pieces I have been in and seen are both beautiful to the eye but also enjoyable to physically do.

We also discussed the variety of art.  There are tons of  forms of visual art: dance, painting, drawing, sculpting, music, ceramics, multi-media, graphic design,  photography, plus many more I am sure. Among those forms there are tons of styles within each category.  Meaning be hind doing art also ranges. Some art seems to convey specific ideas while some seems to simply to show beauty. Even artists from the same century have art that ranges widely in style. I guess that is what makes art so beautiful, it is a way to express in which there is no right and wrong.




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