WK1-Artist Interview-Brittany Mojo

Always be Knolling

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I was completely drawn to Brittany Mojo’s piece, Always be Knolling, in the GLAMFA art show. It was such a privilege to be able to be able to see the whole show. Although all the work was fascinating, this piece particularly caught my eye. The use of the household objects, textiles, bright colors, and plants made it different than most of the other art pieces in the show. I loved her use of 3D objects in her multi-media style. The use of intricacy and detail within the work stood out as well. 

Although I wish I could meet her, it was interesting researching the piece and processing it on my own. I noticed that she used a lot of house hold items which made me think about house hold chores and the role of women. From her statement, I noticed that she used these iconic things to relate to the world around us. The process she used to make her art sounds interesting as she uses her studio as a testing area. Being able to arrange and play with the objects you’ve created sounds extremely satisfying. This process of creating and arranging until it is just the way you want to seems therapeutic. If I was to meet Brittany Mojo, I would want to ask whether the placing of different objects had significance. Are some higher than others for a reason?  

While looking at the art I kept thinking about how the title relates to the work. According to the encyclopedia, “Knolling” is the process of rearranging things at parallel or at 90 degree angles for an organization tool. I noticed that the objects arranged were all things related to or reminded me of the painting in the middle of the whole wall. It seemed to me like the painting was coming to life across the wall. Like she discusses in her statement, moving from a drawing and painting into 3D is challenging but also awing in that it adds dimension. In my personal opinion 3D work is very powerful. One of my immediate thoughts I had looking at the painting was that all of the arrangements reminded me of obsessive compulsive disorder. It made me think of the significance of arrangements and the amount of objects. 

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