WK2-Activity-Relational Aesthetics-Instagram

photo 2photo 1

Instagramming is a way to express feelings, ideas, and events through pictures. The idea is brilliant as it has completely taken over. I find instagramming more interesting than facebook because pictures more intriguing to me. It is exciting to see what people are doing, or to admire ones picture because of their photography skills.

After a day of instagramming and all coming together through a simple hashtag, #art110f14, I was surprised by photos I have been seeing. I was fascinated by most all of the photos, even though I only know a few people in the class. There was an extreme range of photos people posted. Animals, food, scenery, classes, friends, and selfies were all apart of the art110f14 hashtag. There were a lot of similar pictures posted though!

We are all college students taking Art110, but other than that I don’t know much about my fellow classmates. I barely even know anyone’s name in the class. Although I don’t really know the personalities of my peers, I feel as if we are all bonded simply because we exist in this life. I was surprised by the similarities of our lives. We are all moving though the day to day life,  and deep down trying to make ourselves known in the world, trying to live out a purpose, and create meaning. We are all apart of this crazy world together. And that fact itself bonds us. Whether we agree on morals, religion, politics, hobbies, and education, we are all living this life together.

I feel like if I was able to speak to each person in the class I would be able to find at least one thing that we would have in common or be able to have a conversation about. People are bonded through connections. I believe that we need human connections to survive and have a joy filled life. Even though we live different chaotic lives, we all do have commonalities when we reach down into our core. photo 3


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