WK2-Classmate Interview- Steven Lozano

This is Steven Lozano. 


He is a freshman here at CSULB and is from Whittier California. He makes the 45 minute commute to school everyday because he likes his hometown so much. Steven is studying business management and minoring in art, specifically graphic design. He dreams to one day have his own business that sells T-shirts and posters that he has designed. 

Steven is approachable and outgoing and it was a pleasure to get to know him! He has a variety of interests and is very talented from what I have seen. He loves art and is a street style/ graffiti artist himself. I was able to see a few of his drawings and was completely mesmerized. Most of his work is black and white, and he usually likes to draw with pens and sharpies. When I met Steven, he rode up on a skateboard that caught my eye right away. When I asked him about it I learned that he made it himself which was awing. He also plays the ukulele, which was a coincidence because I do too. We bonded over the song Riptide as we both love to play it. I was fascinated that he is also going to join the archery team at school.

One of his heroes salkfis Shepard Fairey, who is the founder of the company Obey. Like Steven, Fairey is a Contemporary street artist, graphic designer, andphoto 1kdf illustrator. Fairey’s goal through his work is to make viewers question ideas and contemplate meaning. We discussed and believe that if you’re passionate and want to do something, you can do it and make it possible. Fairey for example worked hard and is now very well known. Many don’t know but he is actually the one who designed Obama’s iconic “Hope” poster. Steven like Fairey, is very ambitious, smart, and talented and I know will be able to make his dreams come true. 



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