Wk3-Artist Interview-Christopher Vavrek

Christopher’s piece, server and protect the virus [too big to succeed], was enthralling and engaging. As I walked in I was in complete awe by the bright flashing lights, loud static sounds, old flashing TV’s and sldkfcomputers, hanging cables, fans, and blue lights. I was particularly drawn to the computer section. These computers were flashing and colorful as if they were communicating a message. The old pictures nldfegatives also reminded me of forgotten stories.

Vavrek’s piece is a sculptural mixed media work that uses recycled materials. I was fascinated by his choice of using real technology. I am curious about his process and would love to talk to him about his experience of making the whole exhibit. The layout of the exhibit also enthralled me. The way certain things were hung up high, like big TV’s, made me think of them as overpowering us. I do think that technology has power over us and maybe the height of certain objects had significance. I would love to ask Vavrek about this.dk

While exploring the exhibit, I was thinking about technology and the impact it has on us. I began thinking about how technology has taken over this planet and both the positive and negative impacts that has had on us as a society. We are technology obsessed, always trying to create something better and faster. The portion of the title [too big to succeed], reminds me of an irreversible technological obsession that we cannot fix. We are so dependent on technology now. It seems to me that we have lost a potion of our communication skills and creative minds because of it.  skdf


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