Wk3-Classmate Interview-Kseniya Meshcheryakova

This is Kseniya.

She is a freshmentumblr_n9nm55FJJ21rghwodo5_400 here at CSULB. Kseniya is from Odessa Ukraine. Her family moved to Long Beach when she was five years old. They go back and visit about every other year because she has a younger brother still in the Ukraine. At the moment Kseniya is a business major, but she is going to switch to bio soon. She hopes to be a psychiatrist one day.

One thing that I learned about Kseniya was that she speaks three different languages. She speaks Russian, Spanish, and English. I was very impressed by this and also inspired to study more languages myself. Her job at the moment is a trtumblr_na3pstuQcE1rmiwojo1_500anslator. She loves music, movies, running, swimming, and animals. We were able to bond over her favorite coffee shop, Bogarts, and going to Seal Beach.

Kseniya has been drawing since she was three years old. She truly has rare talent that was so awing and inspiring to see, She loves to draw and paint people, human expressions, and portraits. She does variety of art though, from landscapes to modern art to very realistic looking people.  One of her pieces was published in the LB908 magazine last spring. Her art work is absolutely beautiful and inspiretumblr_n7urqnaGGf1rmiwojo1_500d me to want to do more of my own art.tumblr_myoz6hSEL31rmiwojo1_500



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