Wk4-Activity-Plaster Casting

Today was a lovelqqy day that was well spent at the beach! I am home in Santa Cruz and was able to do this project with my family. We alldventured around getting supplies this morning and then headed to the beach this afternoon to do the project. I have never worked with plaster before and doing it today was an adventure. I loved digging sadlkfaround in the sand and coming out with such a special final project,

Making the mold for the plaster to go into was pretty difficult. Getting my hand out of the sand without ruining the mold was a struggle. Mixing the lkplaster was also a trick as you had to make sure to do it quick enough before it hardened. Besides those minor difficulties, the project was easier than I thought it would be!

We had to be very careful taking my plaster hand out of the sand after it had sat for 25 minutes. I had to be extra delicate and careful. I was thankful that I got it out in one piece though! This was an accomplishing and fun project! I am now totally interested in making more art out of plaster.


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