Wk4-Classmate Interview-Michelle Morte

Michelle is bubbly and beautiful. She has such a friendly and approachable personality; it was a privilege to get to know her this week. Michelle is a Junior at CSULB and is studying film and electronic arts. She has a film compaiiny already, Morte Film Co. I was so impressed by her ambition and the progress she has made in her life. She is already making her dreams come true. Her future goal is to grow her film company.

Just recently she produced her first video project. She both filmed and wrote it. Her filming style is “indie” because she loves the artistic freedom that it allows her. I am so curious about her video and cant wait to see it once it is released. Her music style is similar to her movies. She loves music but is not a musician herself. I think that she could totally learn how to play music with practice though.

One thing that we bonded over was traveling! We both love to travel and hope to travel a lot in our future. Michelle thinks that road trips are one of the best ways to travel. She thinks that exploring in the comfort of your own car is the best. Another great thing about road trips are that you can go with a lot of people for a fairly inexpensive amount.


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