Wk5-Activity-Counterfactual Identity

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Today I dressed up in my roommate’s clothes. We have completely different styles. I have a hippie bohemian style; I rarely wear makeup or fancy clothes. Today I wore a pretty pink dress, gold jewelry, high heels, and actually did my hair and makeup! It was really interesting being able to be someone else for the day. I felt like I stood out on campus wearing heels and dressed up.  I noticed that people looked at me much differently than they usually do. People actually moved out of the way for me while I was walking around too which was interesting. I feel like I actually got more attention than I usually do, which I don’t particularly like. Because I was dressed nicer I felt more powerful and feminine.

When I talked to people ophoto 1 - Copyn campus, I got a lot of similar responses. When I asked what major people thought I was I got a lot of  “communications major” or “liberal arts” as the answers. As for my name, people said Ashley, Brittany, Claire, and Marisa. People also guessed that I was in a sorority.

Dressing up differently was interesting because I really started thinking about how someone dresses can affect how people treat them. I decided that my name for the day was Ashley, and I was a communications major. I was a member of Delta Gamma and also was in beauty pageants my whole life. This is pretty much the opposite of who I am but it was exciting to be Ashley for the day. It felt like Halloween, but better because it could have been totally realistic.


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