Wk5-Artist Interview-Colin Thompson

Looking at photography today got me thinking a lot. I love photography but I usually feel more disconnected looking at a photograph than I do looking at a painting or sculpture. Sometimes the emotion and sparks of ideas are less prominent to me when I look at photographs. Today that was completely different though. Some of the work really spoke to me.photo 1 - Copy (2)

I specifically loved Colin Thompson’s photographs. They weren’t just typical photographs. He took them off of the wall and changed their shape making them sculpture like. It was awesome getting to talk to him and learn that he was more interested in the shape than what was actually on the picture. The pictures he used were all things in his apartment: a wall, door stopper, and ceiling corner. The brilliant part of the work was his ability to play with perception and uniquely bend the photos.

What stood out to me was the folding and shapes of the photos. I loved that they were breaking from the norm and proving a different point. An interesting thing that Colin told me was that the colors in the photos were actually a mistake. The printer had clogged nostrils which caused the bold green color. Each photograph is attached to aluminum and apparently the process is pretty intense and cannot be redone. Thus he decided to leave the color and turn that accident into beauty.photo 5

I love artists who break from the standard and take what they are given and use it. Colin did exactly this and inspired me to do the same with my painting and dance.

 photo 2 - Copy (2)


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