Wk5-Classmate Interview-Steve Jacobson

Steve Jacobson is an interesting unique young man. I was fascinated by his passions and bold character. He is not afraid to be himself.photo 4 - Copy

Steve is a theater major and hopes to advance in his acting career. He specifically loves small indie projects where true emotions and problems are displayed on stage. He recently wrote his own play titled “The Wanderer”. This play is about a chicken who is so curious that it leads to danger, and ultimately death. I was shocked by the plot of this play but also interested. I want to see it!

One thing that stood out to me about Steve was that he is super into knitting. He has his own clothing line with all of his homemade items. He finds knitting a great stress reliever. I completely agree, it is a fun activity that you can bring almost anywhere. The movement pattern of knitting is super peaceful and relaxing too. Steve also plays the guitar and released an EP just recently. His music career is just beginning and he hopes that more people will discover his talents. Along with acoustic music, Steve likes EDM. On the weekends he loved attending EDM music festivals and dancing.IMG_2441

Another thing that was fascinating was that Steve went to culinary school and massage therapy school before attending CSULB. I am hoping to hang out with Steve again soon and learn some of his cooking skills. I am in need of some new recipes and meal ideas.


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