Wk6-Classmate interview-Sam Gold

kjlSam Gold is an ambitious and friendly young man. He was very approachable and I really enjoyed getting to know him. Sam is a freshman this year and is adjusting to the college life. He is originally from the San Fernando Valley, but is living in the Hillside dorms this semester.

Sam is studying marketing here at CSULB. He found this to be the perfect major for himself because he loves being involved with and understanding people but also is very good with numbers. It seems the the perfect fit for him. He is very friendly and seems to be good with people which I think will be very beneficial for him. Sam is very left brained though, which will be perfect for the math and analytic side of the job. He has always been the leader of groups and into leadership positions which will contribute to his success in this job setting. His ultimate goal is to be the director of marketing for a big company or a CEO.  He is already a part of the American Marketing Association club which is an awesome way to get started and connected. oki

Back in high school Sam was on the swim team. I have a lot of friends who are swimmers so it was awesome getting to hear about his journey with swimming. He didn’t start till his junior year of high school but learned quickly and efficiently. He got good so fast that he could have gone to college for swimming, but had already chosen to go to CSULB. Unfortunately we don’t have a swim team. He hopes to still stay in swim shape though and keep that as a hobby.

We were able to bond over animals. Sam loves animals and so do I! Apparently his family back home raises stray cats which I wish I did. When the cats have kittens they nurture them, and even feed them with hand bottles. They then give away most of the kittens to family and friends so that they all have good homes. His family has seven cats now and one dog. They all sound adorable.


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