Wk7-Artist Interview-Yee Li

The work in the show Introspection was thought provoking and relatable. Even the title of the show caught my eye because I would say that I am a very introspective person. I have recently been tripping out on this idea of how I am very in tune with myself and know myself very well. This show introspection featured two artists, Maggie Freed and Yee Li. They each had some of their own work and then the center of the show was a painting that they collaborated on.photo 1 - Copy (4)

Talking with Yee Li about the work was fascinating. I love to paint myself and could actually see myself doing work similar to Li’s and Freed’s work. The used oil paints and a layering technique to complete their paintings. I was drawn in by the bright colors and geometric shapes used on the canvas.

photo 5 - Copy (2)I was intrigued by their process on the collaborative painting. They each worked on it at different times. They wanted to play with the idea of not always being controlled, and elaborated on this by deciding that they could cover up each others work if they wanted. They could paint over the others painting if they did not like it or felt inspired to do so. I really admire that idea of having no rules and being open to change. It reminded me of the idea of not attaching yourself to anything. I think some people would have a hard time if someone painted over their beautiful art. But I think thinking about it as the overall final project, rather than ones own desires, can be beneficial. I have been thinking about this idea a lot in my own life and am trying to learn how to flee from attaching myself to things. I loved how the interview and looking at the work sparked and drew upon ideas that I have been having lately.photo 3 - Copy (4)

When I first looked at the paintings I felt as if they were my own mind sometimes. The chaotic vibe I got from them reminded me of the way my own thoughts can be. I related to this chaotic vibe because I feel like so often I am caught up in my head. It was awesome talking to Yee Li and discovering that their idea was to show anxieties that cant be expressed. They wanted the art to speak feelings. I loved this because I am so often caught up in my head with unexplainable feelings.


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