Wk7-Classmate Interview-Amber Reyes

Amber Reyes is a Sophomore here at CSULB. It was great getting to know such a sweet girl. Amber is studying Psychology here at CSULB and hopes to one day be a school psychologist. She aspired to be an elementary teacher for a while but decided to switch to school psychologist to put together two passions, psychology and kids. She especially loves younger kids and hopes to work with elementary aged kids.  photo 2 - Copy (3)

I can tell that she is one of those people that kids just adore and cling to. Amber has a younger brother who has partially inspired her love for kids. Amber is very family oriented and has two brothers. She has an older brother who is 18, and a younger brother who is 10. Her and her younger brother are so close. He was part of the reason she picked to attend CSULB so that she could live at home and still see him. She lives only about 10 minutes away from school.

One thing we discussed in detail is the challenge of deciding whether to go away after college or to stay in the same town with your family. We both see positive and negative aspects to both decisions. Amber lives with her family, and loves her family, but is ready to go away. She has lived all throughout Long Beach her whole life and thus is ready to experience something new. For me, I miss home a lot. I am very family oriented like Amber and love spending time with my family. I think it was a very growing and positive thing for me to move away after high school though to learn and grow up on my own.


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