Going back and adding to my website was really inspiring. Not only was I able to make some positive changes, I was able to reflect back on what we have done thus far in this class and also think about my own passions and inspirations.

I am happy about the way my website turned out after I put time and effort into making it more related to me. Before these changes it was extremely traditional and bland. I feel like now it has more character and is more focused around my passions. I completely changed my theme and added more pictures and colors to the page to better represent me. I added more pages and an about me section also. I like my new layout where you have to click on a picture to then read the blog. I am still trying to navigate my way around the website to add certain things though.

I wanted my page to be about dance. I am hoping that my audience and readers will be dancers and other artists. I am hoping to further develop my page and make connections with other dancers and dance companies. I want to showcase my own passion and interest for dance by sharing pictures, quotes, articles, and videos.

My goal is to ultimately make my page more about dance and less about turning in my homework. I am trying to experiment with different options on my website to achieve this. Throughout the rest of the semester I am going to continue to achieve this goal.

photo 1


photo 3


photo 4



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