Wk8-Artist Interview-Brian Davis

photo 4 - Copy (5)Brian’s show, Monitor Vision, gave me an overwhelming sense of peace which was just what I needed after my hectic morning with my anatomy test. It was a blessing. After talking with Brian, I got the same vibes from him. It was super interesting seeing the connection between him and his art. It seemed to me that his art was such a pure expression.photo 1 - Copy (7)

The beautiful colors and uniquely shaped sculptures caught my eye and drew me photokjlhkinto the gallery. I felt like I could have stayed in there all day. The beautiful blues reminded me of the ocean and bubbles. It was fun playing with the lights off in the exhibit and then shinning lights through the pieces. I have always been intrigued by glass work. I really want to do glass work myself. One thing that really stood out to me was the rough outer frame, but beautiful inside. The frames were not soft, and weren’t as bold in color. But the insides were practically shining. This made me think about how that is often true in life. We have to search inside things, sometimes rough things, to find beauty.photo 2 - Copy (7)

Interviewing Brian Davis was a pleasure. I was fascinated to learn that one of his inspirations was from Plato and some of his studies. Apparently Plato discussed the idea of a frame and how certain things need a frame so that they can be noticed. Sometimes without a frame there are too many other distractions and other things to look at. This idea was super interesting to me. I personally was able to relate and have thought about this idea a lot because I am often trying to take too much in myself. I often need to put a frame on something and just be present in whatever that may be.

Brian also talked about monitors. We started a conversation about TV’s specifically and how there is such a paradox around them. We watch TV to often learn, but so often sitting and watching TV is inhibiting our ability to really learn and experience. Rather than learning about it on TV, or experiencing things through TV, shouldn’t we just be out there actually doing them? It is so easy for us in this day and age to become couch potatoes. I want to fight against this. I want to do my best to go out into the world to experience.


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