Wk8-Classmate Interview- Anthony Diaz

Even before we talked I knew Anthony was a cool guy because of his epic bear shirt. As I got to talking with Anthony I really did discover how talented and ambitious he really is. It is always exciting to meet another artist and I loved getting to know Anthony.

Anthony is a junior at CSULB like me. At the moment he is majoring in computer science, but he hopes to switch it soon to something music related. He is thinking about audio technology or audio engineering. I was fascinated by Anthony’s dedication and passion for music. He has been playing since 7th grade and now plays bass, guitar, piano, cello, and the drums. In his high school he was apart of the marching band, drum line, jazz band, and rock band.photo 2 - Copy (6)

Today Anthony is a member of the band Plastic Castle. Anthony plays the bass is the band. It was really inspiring hearing about his band. Something about seeing other artists ambitiously follow their passions is beautiful. I guess it hit me today as was reminded of how important art is in the world, and to never give up on it. I really want to do a collaborated piece with Anthony sometime! The young men in the band are recording an album at the moment which I am excited to hear. They are hoping for the release in December. They are also playing a show at Suzy’s in Hermosa Beach on November 8th. Jack and I are going to try and go to support and so should all of you!

photo 1 - Copy (6)Although music is Anthony’s number one passion, he does like doing the social media for his band, and is still into computer coding. He also skates and draws in his free time. I was privileged to see some of his drawings and was blown away. They are in black and white and are extremely detailed. He mostly uses pen and pencil and is into sketch art. It was awesome being able to meet Anthony this week.


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