Wk10-Classmate Interview-Shannon Choi

This young lady is Shannon Choi. Her bright smile and adorable fashion style caught my eye. After talking to her and learning photo 2 - Copy (9)about her I was thrilled to have interviewed her. She was so friendly and bubbly that it was so easy and fun to talk with her.

Shannon is a freshman at CSULB studying communications. She hopes to minor in marketing and go into advertising. She is also super interested in music. She is working at the K-Beach Radio station right now. This awesome opportunity to puts together both of her passions, communications and music. She has really enjoyed her time there so far because she works with super cool people, is able to bounce around ideas, and have intelligent discussions. She has wanted to get involved at CSULB too and finds that K-Beach Radio is perfect for that.

We had some great discussions about dorm life at CSULB since she is living in the Hillside dorms. She has enjoyed it but is excited to move into an apartment with her friends next year. Luckily she has a great roommate and neighbors who are her friends. I had a super similar experience in the dorms. I was so glad to have lived in them, but wouldn’t ever want to do it again.

Halloween this weekend was another big topic of our conversation! She is going to be Rosie the Riveter and a Grandma. What fun costume ideas!


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