Wk10-Activity-Landscapes with a Corpse

“Death by Euphoria” is the title of my photographs. Euphoria is definphoto 3 - Copy (10)ed as “a feeling or state of intense excitement or happiness.”

This series of photographs was inspired by a dream of mine from a while past. The dream began as I was in a grassy field dancing around and picking flowers. I picked one specific flower, that was glowing yellow, and gave it a big whiff. The sent was poisonous and sent me into intense euphoria. In the dream I remember laying down in the field and being warmed by bright sunshine. I felt overwhelming joy in that moment.

photo 2 - Copy (11)I love being outside in nature and do think that this would be the most peaceful way to pass. Out in nature, in the sunshine, in total peace and happiness. Adventuring outside and creating this scene   was super fun. It was very pleasurable laying in the sunshine and taking a moment away from the world to relax and be still.photo 4 - Copy (8)


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