Wk11-Artist Interview-Romina Del Castillo

It was a privilege to see the beautiful show “Shifting Focus”, by Romina Delphoto 2 - Copy (13) Castillo. I was drawn in by the realistic look, the sporadic moments of color, and the overall size of the pieces. All of the pieces were very humanistic and causal which I loved. They reminded me of day to day life and the beauty and harshness that can entail. photo 2 - Copy (12)

It was incredible to hear after interviewing Romina Del Castillo that she only used charcoal, chalk, and pastels to create the pieces displayed. I have always been curious about charcoal and was really impressed and stunnephoto 4 - Copy (10)d by how realistic the pieces looked from charcoal. My mom actually just sent me charcoal in the mail because I had been explaining how I’d never used it and waned it. I am super inspired to break it out and spend time playing with the charcoal and figuring out how to use it.

It was exciting to hear about the process of creating her pieces. Romina used live models who were either photo 3 - Copy (12)friends or colleagues. There were even a few self portraits in the show which were stunning. It took weeks for her to finish one of the drawings, which is not surprising considering all the detail. She usually was working on more than one at once too. Her inspiration for the color was simply to add a playful aspect. Sometimes the colors were chosen last minute if something specific she was looking at stood out. Her process was natural and spontaneous thus her pieces unfolded as she worked in an organic way.


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