Wk11-Classmate Interview-Amir Kiani

Every week I seem to meet more and more interesting people in this class. It is always exciting picking someone to interview and getting to know them. This week I got to see a sneak peak into the life of Amir Kiani. photo 4 - Copy (9)

Amir is a third year at CSULB and is studying computer science. I really don’t know much about computer science at all so it was fascinating learning a little more about this field as we spoke. I learned briefly about coding and also the specific fields that one can go into with this major. Amir wants to work on a program for web security and eventually own his own company. Ever since 4th grade Amir has been intrigued by electronics. He was explaining that when he was young he could fix his computer, video games, and phones. This seems like such a foreign thing to me, but I am so glad that their are people in the world who comprehend and enjoy it.

Some other hobbies of Amir’s include: skating, running, making music, and playing the piano. We bonded over music! Amir makes EDM music on his computer which I would love to hear sometime. He also has played the piano for fifteen years. Music is Amir’s way to express himself, relax, and clear his head. It was cool to discuss because this is exactly how dance is for me.

Amir is from Downy California, so not to far away from Long Beach. He commutes daily and lives with his family currently. Both his parents and grandparents are from Iran, and he hopes to be able to visit eventually.


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