Wk11-Activity-Student Choice

unnamed (7) This week I decided to make jewelry, specifically wire wrapped glass necklaces. I had the amazing privilege of getting beautiful glass from Maccabee Shelley and Brian Davis this week. I had interviewed them earlier in the semester when I visited their  shows at the art galleries. We had swapped contact information then because I was fascinated with their work with glass. I had the idea then that I wanted to make jewelry with glass. I am super thankful because they offered to donate some pieces of glass to me. This week I got to see their work spaces and pick out some small pieces that I wanted to use.

I found some extremely beautiful pieces and am so grateful for their generosity. I was fascinated to find some brightly colored pieces and other interesting trinkets. unnamed (5)When I got all my supplies I had to do some work on the pieces of glass because some of them were very sharp. I had to break some, and sand some down to make them the shapes that I wanted. Experimenting with the glass and wire wrapping was soothing and rewarding .unnamed (6)

I am happy with the first two pendants that I made. I want to continue making necklaces and earrings with this glass. These pieces of jewelry I made are super special to me. I love that the glass has been recycled and passed down many times now. First it was simply glass bottles and garbage, then melted, molded, and used by Davis and Shelley, and now passed onto me and used in my jewelry which will be passed down to others. It’s amazing seeing how one material can be used so many different ways.unnamed (4)unnamed (9)

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