Wk12-Artist Interview-Angie Samblotte

This week in the galleries I was drawn to the show, “Taking my Time in the Paradigm”. This was an illustration BFA show with works by Angie Samblotte and Lacy McCune. I specifically interviewed Angie Samblotte. photo 3 - Copy (13)

photo 1 - Copy (14)When I walked into the gallery I felt as if I had walked into another world. One that was not as frantic or hectic as ours is much of the time. The world I walked into was one that was calm, simple, and beautiful. I felt as if time slowed as I walked into the room. The art that was displayed and the way the whole room was set up gave me a rush of peace and joy. The room as a whole gave off comforting vibes and I felt at home. I wish I could have stayed in the gallery for a long time, there was so much to look at. I loved the art and wish it were in my room!photo 4 - Copy (11)

After talking with Angie I learned that they really did have the goal of slowing down time. Through their work they wanted to show the importance slowing down and taking the time to  see the beauty in day to day things. This idea of slowing down time is so foreign to our culture, but I think they were able to perfectly display and show how wonderful it can be.

photo 5 - Copy (4)One of my favorite pieces in the show was “Awkward Hug”, which was the twisted drawn tree that was right in front of you as you entered. Samblotte drew this piece with graphite. The swirly tree really gave me the sense that I was in another world. Another piece that stood out to be was “Faith in Fractals”. After talking with Samblotte I learned that the pine cones were all taken from different camping trips that McCune went on. I thought that this was extremely creative and interesting. I loved how they integrated a lot of nature related ideas in the show.photo 2 - Copy (15)


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