Wk13-Artist Interview-Jeff Dulla

photo 3 - Copy (15)The moment I saw Jeff Dulla’s painting, “Cyclical Nature”, in the BFA Drawing and Paint Exhibition I knew that it was the one I wanted to write about. The colors, painting style, and scene that was portrayed was stunning. This painting was 95″x5.5″. The size made the painting extra special, I felt as if I was entering another world.

I got a rush of peace and comfort when I viewed it, but also an eerie vibe. I love nature and was able to relate to it through the ocean scene. Ocean always reminds me of home and our connection to the universe which is why I think I got an overwhelming sense of comfort. I loved the swirly brush strokes that he used, and the bright extravagant sun. While admiring the piece, I thought about how beautiful this earth is. The dark colors intruding on the edges of the painting made me think of the darkness and evil that is within this world. I was happy though that the sun, still bright and beautiful, stood out among everything. I connected this idea to life, that although there is darkness and despair, there is always a silver lining. I also was reminded how precious each day is. Every day the sun rises is a day to give thanks.photo 4 - Copy (12)

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to talk with Jeff Dulla, but I was able to read his statement about the piece. I learned that his painting style is usually about the process and becoming in touch with the universe. He categorizes this piece as a “surreal visionary landscape”. I love his overall intention through the work. He strives to show the connection between mankind and the universe and the importance of helping “it to flow in its intended direction”. I was able to connect to his ideas about the environment and how we should flow with nature.


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