Wk13-Classmate Interview-Connor Bailey

After seeing his post and videos many times on our class page it was a privilege to finally meet Connor Bailey. It was interesting how many things we were able to relate on throughout the conversation.10689978_767453249993958_7690287434952773634_n

Connor is a freshman at CSULB and is film major. He hopes to one day start a production company and work for clients making music videos or commercials. It was exciting hearing about his passion for film. He seems to have big dreams but already seems ahead at achieving them.

As other hobbies, Connor plays the guitar. He attempted playing the drums, but decided to stick with guitar. He also used to play water polo and baseball. Unfortunately he got bicipital tendonitis and wasn’t able to play baseball in college as he had planned on. I was extremely fascinated about his injury considering the interest I have in the human body. I learned that he was a pitcher and this injury happened over time. It got so bad that he couldn’t throw, or hold anything. I hope that one day he is able to get back to playing baseball!

Luckily Connor’s Dad is a physical therapist and was able to help rehabilitate him. It was interesting because his dad studied physical therapy which is what I am studying, and my dad studied film which is what Connor is studying.


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