Wk15-Artist Interview-Troy Rousenville

photo 1 - Copy (18)I was completely stunned and drawn into Troy Rousenville’s Exhibition, Body3. The second I walked by and heard music and noise coming from the gallery I knew that I wanted to explore that gallery. I got a hectic and chaotic vibe right when I walked in, but over time as I looked around I was simply just fascinated.

photo 2 - Copy (18)I immediately thought about technology and the effect it has on society today. It was amazing that music could be created through technology. Yet there is the idea that technology like this takes away the musician and artist. I was really impressed by the “mirror room”. It wasn’t until about half way through my time in the gallery that I figured out that it was the control room. This part particularly fascinated me! All of the music was created by movement in this room.

photo 3 - Copy (16)The whole set up and making of the exhibit was intriguing. I was so curious about how  created it all and made it. After talking with him I learned that it took Rousenville all semester to make the exhibit. The whole exhibit was thoroughly impressive and I really admired it!photo 2 - Copy (19)


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